Wednesday, June 16, 2010

summer limno day # 3 LWD

LWD is the three letter acronym for Large Woody Debris. We put some in the river today. Wait, we put a LOT in the river today. Our work on the Black River (in coordination with the Upper Black River Council) helps improve insect habitat, trout habitat, and makes a better river. We worked with this same crew last summer - Thanks so much Carol and Nico !! You gave us a view of the river that few see, the cold, deep, dark side. And, so often we get caught up in educating students that we forget about "immersing" them in the thing we're teaching them about. What student can forget what LWD is when they've spent hours putting it back in a river! There is nothing like 4-5 hours of manual labor to help a student remember conservation is not just a word, it's ACTION.

Tomorrow we're off to the Gaylord High School forest to pull out spotted knapweed (an exotic species) for the Soil Conservation District and then the Oden Fish Hatchery to learn about trout. After this we'll camp on the Sturgeon River and then canoe down it from south of Wolverine to the mouth at Burt Lake. Busy two days!!

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