Sunday, August 9, 2009


Great 6 hour float down the Sturgeon on Friday.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We're off !!

Monday - Hartwick Pines and the Manistee River

name those bugs !

TUESDAY -- LWD stands for LARGE WOODY DEBRIS, and that's what we put in the river to restore some of the natural fish habitat. Worked for 5-6 hours on the Ausable with Huron Pines group.

Wed. - Water Quality of Otsego Lake and Big Lake

Saturday, August 1, 2009


A couple summer limno updates!!

1. Monday is a definite for our field trip to Hartwick Pines, meet in my classroom at 9am. We will have a lunch provided on the ride there.
Contrary to my last email, please park in the STUDENT lot or MTEC lot and walk over to my side door.

2. Tuesday we'll be down near Grayling doing some LWD projects and hearing about rain gardens.
3. Wed we'll be in Gaylord primarily doing some water quality testing.
4. Thursday we visit the Oden fish hatchery and camp out near Wolverine. We'll drop our camping gear at the campground on the way to the hatchery.

You should be prepared for our Thursday camping experience. You'll need a tent, sleeping bag/gear and fresh dry clothes (preferably two pair) for our canoe trip the next day. After our Oden hatchery tour we'll hit Subway in Indian River for some food/dinner then head to the campground. In the evening we'll hear from two guest speakers - on one forestry and one on history of the rivers here in northern Michigan.

5. Friday - our big canoe day. You need to pack up a GOOD breakfast for the morning. You WILL be hungry and you need a good full belly for canoeing and you're on your own for your own food. Box lunches will be provided for on the river. We'll hop in the river at Wolverine for a full day canoe trip. Along the way we'll take some water quality measurements and do a benthic macroinvertebrate survey. Its a full 5-7 hours of canoeing and you'll be TIRED. Canoes and lifejackets and paddles will be provided.

6. Saturday we'll work all day gathering data with the Trout Unlimited group on the Pigeon/Black Rivers.

7. Monday - our exam.

shoot me an email if you have questions -

Mr. Kalember

this info is also on our website --

Thursday, June 11, 2009

summer school is fun?

if you take summer limno it is.

Summer Limno Itinerary. (tentative)
Monday AUG 3– 8-10am -class, benthic macro invterts,
NOON – field trip to Hartwick Pines – Craig Kasmer – confirmed.
3pm – Manistee River macroinvert collection

Tuesday Aug 4 - AM – exotic species, finish up bugs and relate LWD and sand
Large Woody Debris project on Ausable River – Chris Homeister

Wednesday Aug 5 - AM – lecture water chemistry
PM - Otsego Lake Water quality, Manuka, Big Lake, Manistee River, Sturgeon River, others?

Thursday Aug 6 - Class in am. FISH
Noon – canoe Sturgeon
5pm Camp out – Guest Speakers – Craig Kasmer, Glen Matthews

Friday Aug 7- Canoe in am.
Noon - Oden

Saturday Aug 8 Trout Unlimited work on Black River

Monday Aug 10 - test/EXAM

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Summer

I'm going to get a final list of this years participants in the first annual SUMMER LIMNO class tomorrow from Mr. Hervela. When I get it I'll post the list here so you can see who your classmates are.

Right now I've got 4 distinct things planned, with more to follow.

A. We'll be working with the Huron Pines Conservation group on an erosion site on the Black River - probably Tuesday.
B. We'll be working with the DNR on a fish survey - probably Wed.
C. We'll tour the Oden Fish Hatchery - probably Saturday.
D. We'll canoe Thursday into Friday, camping overnight and hear from a wildlife biologist and historian.

Friday, May 8, 2009



In early August 2009 Gaylord High School will be offering a summer limnology class for semester credit through GHS. Students will be participating in numerous field trips, working with the DNR on streambank erosion sites, gathering data for the Otsego Lake Association, canoeing down the Black River to gather benthic macroinvertebrate census data, aiding the DNR with brook, brown and rainbow trout census data gathering, and hearing from guest speakers about wildlife diversity, soil and water conservation and many other topics. This course has been offered at GHS for the last 9 years as a regular semester course with occasional field trips to local rivers and lakes.

Official dates of the GHS SUMMER LIMNO class are August 3-4-5-6-7-8 and 10th.

These dates are Monday through Saturday the first week with an exam on Monday Aug. 10th.

How do I sign up? You are already signed up if you are getting this information, but please fill out this form and return it to Mr. Kalember in room 120 asap so he has your contact info.

If this is a “semester class” will I have a free hour in my fall or winter schedule? You will receive full semester credit for this summer class if we can have it and NO you will not have a free hour in your schedule during the regular school year. You will still take a full schedule of classes.

Are there fees to participate? I am currently working with the OWLS group here in Gaylord (Otsego Wildlife Legacy Society) to help fund this course so there are no fees. The only other fee I can think of might be a $10 or $15 charge for canoe rental. Also, you will have to provide your own transportation to GHS for class each day.

Who should take this class? Do you like hiking through mud down to a spring in the middle of the woods, then canoeing, then collecting bugs from a river that you’ve never seen before? Do you like outdoor education more than being stuck in a seat? If it started to rain in the middle of a field trip would you just pull on your raincoat and smile? If this sounds like stuff you might like, then sign up for the summer limno class!

I have a job and will miss a couple days of class. You can’t miss any days of class or your grade will suffer dramatically. Participation will be a major part of your grade – If you miss class you won’t get those points. I STRONGLY suggest you clear your calendar for the dates listed above.

Attitude - - In this class you will be doing some manual labor (working on streambank erosion sites), canoeing, getting dirty, collecting bugs, getting rained on, tipping over in a canoe, and possibly sleeping on the cold hard ground in a tent. If this sounds fun, you have chosen to take the right class. If this sounds bad and you are afraid you might miss your XBOX and cell phone, then please reconsider what you’re getting yourself into. I am tentatively planning an overnight camping experience as part of the class on Wed or Thursday night too, but I’ll get more information to you about this later in the summer.
For more information contact Jeff Kalember at GHS